Coffee Filter Turkey

A silly turkey to top your Thanksgiving Table. A simple semi-circle of brown construction paper and half of a colored coffee filter – add a beak, gobbler and some googly eyes for a colorful Coffee Filter Turkey.


Brown construction paper – you should be able to get at least 2 turkeys from one sheet of paper.

Small scraps of construction paper for the beak and gobbler (yellow and red)

Google eyes

How To Make Coffee Filter Tie Dye Turkeys

Coffee filter – 1/2 per turkey

Faithful Attempt: Coffee Filter Turkey Craft


Coffee Filter Turkeys | Fun Family Crafts

Washable markers

Coffee Filter Turkey | Teaching Units   Holidays | Pinterest

Scotch tape

Gobble Pops! Diy Eco Chic Coffee Filter Turkeys For Thanksgiving   The

Craft glue

White printer paper


Fold the coffee filter in 1/8’s – which is half, then half again (1/4) the half again (1/8). This is a good math lesson for older children that are learning about fractions.

With scissors, trim the loose ends of the coffee filter so that you have what would look like a diamond shape.

Unfold the coffee filter and cut in half.

Place the coffee filter on a newspaper and decorate with the washable markers. Once colored in, spritz with the water until the colors run together. Set aside and allow time to dry.

Print out and then cut out the Turkey template – cutting on the black lines.

Trace the turkey template on to the brown construction paper and cut out.

Decorate the face of the turkey with a beak and gobbler cut from the construction paper scraps and add google eyes.

Curl the semi-circle and tape the two flat sides together to form a cone shaped turkey.

Insert the half of the coffee filter into the slits that were cut on the sides of the turkey so that the coffee filter stands up like feathers.

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